Meet Alessandra

Fashion, whether we want to engage in it or not, is always prevalent in our lives. From a young age, growing up in Italy, I was always impressed by the ways people chose to present themselves and use their person style to make a statement. After moving to London more than ten years ago, my wonderment is continually reaffirmed; people aren’t afraid to take risks with their fashion and try more than the top fashion names.

Now that I am a mother of two, it’s not always convenient to be a walking statement piece. Which is why I began It’s a Matter of Style, to help other women build their wardrobe in a way that is manageable and functional; whether you’re running to the city to make an important meeting or to grab your kids from school, you feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing.

With my background as a Style Coach™, I’m specifically trained to help my clients build their wardrobe and accessories in a way that enhances their body shape and at the same time, reflects their personal style and lifestyle. Not only can I help you shop, but also I will teach you the tools you need, so when you shop on your own in the future, you’re able to make an informed decision on the outfits you put together.

In my opinion, fashion doesn’t need to be a financial burden; by shopping wisely, you can learn to buy smart, and find affordable pieces to build outfits that look put together and expensive.

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